First Blog Post | So Fly

Hello, humans! And welcome to our little corner of the world, FlyGirls.

So where are you, you wonder, and what are we all about? FlyGirls — a.k.a. Rose and Christina — are two ladies, currently of the magazine world, living in NYC, who want to experience all the beautiful things the world has to offer. We want to travel to the coolest places, we want to eat the best f—king food, and we want to acquire a few cute things along the way — and we want to share it with all of you! Because, as we’re pretty sure Berkeley really meant, if you did it, but you didn’t document it with at least four dozen (gorgeously filtered) photos, did it even happen?

To begin, we want to take you on our most recent, pretty damn cool adventures, including a trip to the Cartier Mansion on 5th Avenue, the NYC premiere of Beauty and the Beast, and Paris. (There may also be a Parisian engagement photo session involved because someone on this team is a little too deep into her Francophilia.)

But first! We’re flying to Orlando. We’ve got an invite to the opening of Pandora, Disney World’s brand-spankin’-new, real-life Avatarland, and we’re beyond psyched. (Fun fact: We’re both here for Disney. Among many things. But seriously, that Disney life. ♥)

So, come through, one and all! We’re ready to go, and we hope you’re ready to come with us. It’s #FlyTime.

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