You Know What Makes “La La Land” Even Better? Watching It on an NYC Rooftop

Hiya, FlyPeople. ♥ 

In case you haven’t noticed from our myriad pop culture references, we FlyGirls love a good movie. And one of our favorites of the past 12 months? La La Land. (The music! The clothes! The forever glorious pairing that is Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Le sigh.)

So when we found out that La La Land would be playing on a rooftop in NYC, we absolutely couldn’t resist. C even made an original Baezy piece to mark the occassion: 

On a roof, you say? Yes, ma’am! The Rooftop Cinema Club, which originated in London, but is owning NYC, hosts movie screenings on the roof of the Yotel in Midtown, and it’s adorable. They set up a giant screen on one side, with rows and rows of cozy, mint-striped beach chairs in front of it. 


They also have beach love seats, in case it’s a date night. (Which, when you get us together, it kind of always is.) 


There’s also a smattering of little coffee tables all around, because you need somewhere to put the champagne and popcorn (which is included in the price of your ticket—onboard yet?).

Also pretty genius? The fact that everyone gets a pair of headphones. That way, you can always hear the movie perfectly—and at the exact volume you want—without having to worry about the many sounds of NYC. (It’s a symphony. It’s also loud.) 

Of course, the best part of this whole experience was La La, because Ryan Gosling tap dancing is the gift that keeps on giving.

And being with each other, of course.


Cheers! R & C

P.S. If you’re curious about upcoming screenings, check out this link! Clueless, Roman Holiday, Inception, and a personal favorite, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, are all coming up.

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