Getting Our Hermione on at The Witchery in Edinburgh

This is the first of many posts I’m about to toss your way about my recent trip to three glorious countries: Scotland, Greece, and Belgium. I hope you’re ready! And I hope it’s not too much. But there’s so much good stuff, I want to share it all with you! 

And with that…

When my boo and I travel, there are two things we like to focus on: roaming the streets like banshees and eating extremely well.

In Edinburgh, the first stop on our six-day, three-country adventure en route to a beautiful wedding in Greece, we did both. Especially the eating part.

We dined in what we were told (and our experiences don’t make us doubt it) are two of the finest restaurants Edinburgh has to offer. The first is called The Witchery, which, though its origins are anything but (stake burnings… 👀 ), is truly magical. It’s covered in ivy. It’s frequented by J.K. Rowling (who calls Edinburgh home, btdubs). Per advertisements, Andrew Lloyd Weber thinks it’s the prettiest restaurant in the world. And it has twinkle lights to boot: (2)

Now, you have two options when it comes to eating at The Witchery: the formal dining room and the secret garden. Naturally, we chose the latter.

And I’m so glad we did, because look at this castle ambiance. 


Do you not feel like you just walked onto the set of Reign? (Don’t play like you’ve never seen Reign.) The brick, the greenery, the iron chandeliers! And check out that crest. House Wales knows how to get it done.

Check that unicorn!

Unrelated but related, I LOVE that the queen has a unicorn on her crest. Although, in case you never noticed — because I didn’t until I got up close — the unicorn is chained. Allegedly, this is because the wild Scottish unicorn is considered a dangerous beast. (Come through to America, Queen E; you’ll learn the truth.) If you wanna see more royal crests, including my imaginary best friend Duchess Kate’s, check this out.

But getting back on track, and back to perhaps the most important matter: the food! Take it in:

Decadent lobster bisque for Stel (look at that little cheesy/bready dipping dish!) and a delicious beet salad for me.


And then, full disclosure, we stopped taking food photos because we were more than half asleep. 😴

But not too sleepy to miss the castle outside our window:

Just a wee bit of the famed Edinburgh Castle.

Quite enchanted and fully satiated, we walked back out onto the Royal Mile…



Where else do you find a harp player on the street? With a baby flautist!

…around the castle, and down the hill to our hotel, ’cause the jet lag had us done.

But it didn’t take us long to refresh — and yes, my friends, to eat again.

Take two? The Gardener’s Cottage, which I’ll tell you all about in the next post.

Slàinte! R

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