Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh (Or That Time We Attempted to Climb a Scottish Mountain)

So here’s a fun fact: In an attempt to save a dollar, the honorary FlyBoy and I decided to fly out of Stewart Airport (yes, in Poughkeepsie, which you get to via the Stewart Express, which is not not charming, but not exactly the Hogwarts Express, as it’s a coach bus) to get to Edinburgh. Round-trip ticket? About $500 each—not bad for the U.K., amiright?

The snag, of course, is that our final destination wasn’t Scotland. It was Greece (for a real-life big, fat Greek wedding; more on that soon). So that meant we had to go from NYC to Scotland to Greece, back to Scotland and then NYC. (With Brussels in between—thank God for the chocolate!) 

Which is all to say that we spent about three days total in Scotland, about a day and a half at a time. And on the second half of that second day? We started with a decadent breakfast (coming, I wouldn’t deprive you), followed by Arthur’s Seat.

Arthur’s Seat is an ancient volcano that may or may not have been referenced in the King Arthur tales, hence it’s name. (I hadn’t told Stel this history, just enthusiastically kept telling him, “We’re climbing Arthur’s Seat!” So he kept calling it Arnold’s Head, and so, between us, it will forever be.) 

Climb it, they said. It will be easy, they said. It’s not even that tall! They said. 

My friends, they lied.

Or rather, I should say this: They didn’t tell me that to “hill climb” Arthur’s Seat with ease, there’s a specific starting point. It’s right around Dunsapie Loch (a Scottish puppy haven 😍), and it takes you straight up to the most spectacular view of Edinburgh. 

This view:


Via this road:


With this dog!

FullSizeRender-14We, however, started from the opposite side—the steep side—where if you get a little sassy with your “Do it for the ‘Gram!” pics, you could potentially trip and *gulp*.


🚨 🚨 🚨

Thankfully, we lived, mostly because the honorary FlyBoy is extremely cautious (and only the teeniest bit scared of heights). Even though…


Still, it took a lot of stamina…



Is that you, Excalibur?

And more than a little belting of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” to get me to the top. (Scotland, I am sorry for my singing voice. You deserve better. You gave us Harry Potter!)

But when we got to the top, boy, oh boy… have to say, I felt pretty victorious making it to the top of this freakin’ mountain. I’d like to thank the Celtic goddesses for keeping me alive, Outlander for convincing me I had to get to the top (what if I found a Stonehenge-like structure that could help me travel through time?! I didn’t, but one never knows), and Miley, for her constant encouragement. It is the climb, y’all.

Xo, R


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