What to Do With 2.5 Hours in Brussels: An Ode to Belgian Waffles and Chocolate

In between Edinburgh and Monemvasia, Greece, and Edinburgh, we had the most glorious—and delicious—of layovers: Brussels, Belgium.

Now, let me say right up front. We did not have a lot of time. In fact, we had precisely two and a half hours to train into Brussels, grab our chocolates, and GTFO. But nothing makes you move faster than the thought that you might miss your flight, so we did the damn thing, and I think we did it pretty well!

I, personally, had two goals: I wanted to see the Grand-Place, or central square, of Brussels, which is sometimes filled with a garden and all-the-time surrounded by the most stunning, opulent architecture (like all good European cities; what are we doing wrong?!!!).

And I wanted some damn chocolate.

Mission accomplished, my friends. Here’s the square, slightly less lush than I would have cared for, simply because there was a music festival happening there later that night. But still rather stunning, no?


And HERE are the chocolate shops!





chocolate shops.


Actual footage of me:

But I didn’t just find chocolate shops. I found waffles. And like Eddie Murphy in Shrek, I love me some waffles.

Mine came courtesy of the Maison Dandoy—check it out:


Yes, I know the Maison Dandoy is a little mainstream—I figured that out when I saw their (ridiculously good) citrus biscuits at the airport. But you know what? I don’t really care, because when you find a thing of beauty—and a decadent, gooey, dusted with just the lightest sprinkling of powdered sugar waffle is most definitely a thing of beauty—you don’t question it. You just share that good fortune with the world. (It’s also conveniently located on a side street of the Grand-Place, so you really can’t go wrong.)

Also a fun share: While at Dandoy, we asked one of the chocolatiers there for a quick dinner suggestion, and she sent us to a little place called Peck 47 that quite literally served us one of the tastiest burger and sweet potato fry combos I’ve had in a minute. (FlyBoy confirms this, and he’s basically a vegetarian these days.) Also a light berry tea *kisses fingers*. A fabulous find, and one that I would happily return to.


One more quick appreciation? This little toyshop, The Grasshopper, which is totally on my level about unicorns:



And that’s that! We hopped back on the train to the airport (which, FYI, is only a 15-minute ride—totally worth it if you have even an hour and a half layover, I feel). We made it back on the plane in plenty of time, and with plenty of chocolates to spare, especially since I picked up an extra…


How could I resist?

I’ll be stretching them out for as long as I can, so if you see chocolate-y fingerprints on your screen at any time, you know who put them there.

Peace, love, and 🍫, R

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