Our Favorite Waterproof Phone Case

One thing you definitely need if you plan on hitting up some place near, on, or in water: a waterproof cell phone case. That is, you know, if you don’t have a cool cellphone that’s already waterproof. So basically this post is for iPhone users or people who want to buy a great accessory for someone who owns an iPhone… or if you just want to read my words, in which case, shoutout to you for being awesome.

I am an iPhone user so I opted for the LifeProof case to protect my life, a.k.a. my phone (#millennialproblems).

The LifeProof case is legit amazing. It’s sleek, not bulky, and it does the job done. I will say, it took me a long time to take it off of my phone… that thing really is on there! But some may say that’s a pro more than a con. If you’re like me, you may feel too nervous to test it out, but don’t fret: It comes with a water test unit. Basically it’s a hollow plastic case that you put into the protecter to submerge under water. When you take it out, it should be completely dry — that’s the LifeProof magic. (If it isn’t dry, then for some reason you got a defected case, and you better haul ass to the store ASAP.) 

The case itself comes in two pieces, a front side and a back side. Once you snap your phone in, you screw this little plug into the headphone jack to protect that too. The one thing that creeped me out was that the glass of your phone is completely exposed. Turns out that’s automatically waterproof. Personally, the case looked like a regular cellphone case and I seriously debated just leaving it on permanently and living it up with my water-protected cell.

My moment of truth came when I tested out the case with my cell phone actually in it. (Check out the video I took above.) I hesitantly held it on the sand while a wave crashed towards it, swallowing it completely. I quickly checked it out and all was in working order. After that there was no stopping me. This case will be packed in my bag for many trips to come.

Xo, C

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