The Most Decadent Scottish Breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh

So back to my life in the Highlands for a minute.

In addition to Edinburgh being a gorgeous little city, it’s also a delicious little city — especially when it comes to breakfast. This one comes courtesy of the Pompadour at the Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh. Are you ready for this food porn? Maybe you should grab a snack first — seriously, I’ll wait.

⏰ ⏰ 

Back? You nibbling? I don’t condone hanger… Okay, LET’S DO THIS.

FlyBoy and I both ordered the “true Scottish breakfast,” which showed up looking like a damn high tea.


Parfait, fruit, cheese, meat, croissants, and… (6)

Mini berry smoothies. 😛

I added the eggs and avocado, while Stel went in on the Scottish salmon.


A wee hard to choose what to indulge in, eh?

Let’s also take a minute to appreciate our surroundings:



And the Edinburgh Castle in the background. Stunning, right?


So, yes, if you want a flawless Scottish meal in a true “room with a view,” let me assure you, you really can’t do better.

And when you’re done — if you can walk — you just take a right out the front entrance and go straight up to the castle, the city’s pride and joy. And really, is there ever a reason to not drop in on a legit castle?


(Those plaid pants, though! 😩)

As the Scots say, bye for noo! R

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