Art Lovers, Venice Beach Is for You

On my latest visit to California, I stayed in a cute house off of Venice Beach. This was the perfect location for me to explore the boardwalk, and explore I did.

As a New Yorker, I am compelled to avoid eye contact, suck my teeth and continue reading whatever book is in my hands as street performers do their routine on the subway. As a New Yorker visiting California, I was compelled to gawk, cheer, photograph and video tape the street performers on Venice Beach. Maybe it was the sunshine or the buzz of that day’s boozy brunch, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching these guys (alllll the muscles, y’all) bust a few cool break dance moves. Not only were they head-spinning and cartwheeling, one of the guys (who supposedly was on America’s Got Talent) legit jumped over a line of 6 people!jump.gif

For some reason it all felt very nostalgic — super 90’s. And that feeling increased as I walked passed the basketball courts, and it immediately hit me: these were the courts from White Men Can’t Jump!

Billy, you so stoopid (Rosie Perez accent)

As I continued walking along the boardwalk I kept stopping for plenty of good reasons. This one guy was selling some of this work and the pieces were AWESOME. Check them out:




I also looked down at some point and was pleasantly surprised to see this lil pumpkin staring back up at me. Just a friendly reminder that the best holiday of all time is fast approaching. 😉


Throughout my stay in Cali I came across a bunch of amazing wall murals. But along the boardwalk I spotted my favorite: a Starry Night mural! Vincent Von Gogh’s Starry Night is one of my favorite paintings of all time, so of course this mural stole the #1 spot for me.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.30.07 PM.png
When a sunny day meets Starry Night

The art along the boardwalk was dope. But this post cannot end without me mentioning the art of Muscle Beach. Muscle Beach is a little section between Venice Beach and the boardwalk where people go to work out and show off their amazingly sculpted bodies…And yes, they’re total works of art.

Xo, C

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