Fly Girls Hits Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier


Pacific Park is the cutest park — unless there’s a park full of puppies and thrill rides somewhere (let me know, FlyBabes!).

This was the first time I’ve been to Pacific Park, and I came prepared for alllll the fun with my friend Chasity. As we walked across the pier, dodging crowds of people left and right, we were giddy with excitement. As soon as we crossed the threshold of Pacific Park, I immediately realized how much smaller it was than I originally imagined. It was like a mini park full of fun — twelve rides of fun to be exact.

Our first stop was the ice cream stand. Fully equipped with an ice cream cone (cookies-n-cream all day) in one hand and a thrill ride pass in the other, we began to create our itinerary.



With a belly full of ice-cream, we decided to start by digesting on the ferris wheel. By the way, this is the first and only solar-powered ferris wheel in the world! The ferris wheel was super chill, with views of the park (duh) and the Pacific Ocean. I will admit to having a few burst of nervous giggles — heights are scary! — but they couldn’t hold me back from experiencing the fun!

We got on a couple of other rides, but the one worth mentioning the most was, of course, the roller coaster. It’s the only roller coaster in the park. It’s made of steel and runs at 35mph around the perimeter of the park. It has also been featured in a ton of movies, shows, and even in Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar, hire meeee)! The coaster may not be a huge contender for Most Thrilling against the other coasters of the world, but boy, was it fun! Chasity and I rode in the first car and loved every minute of it —so much so we rode it a second time.

Pacific Park was a really cute and sweet note in my Cali getaway. Next time, I’ll aim to look as cool as Mariah Carey in the Fantasy video.

Xo, C

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