Hanging With the Bears at The San Diego Zoo

Lions, and tigers, and bears  — oh, my! I made my way to the famous San Diego Zoo and couldn’t wait to see my kin: the bears.

If you know me, you know I claim my spirit animal is a black bear. (Although Pottermore told me my patronus is an orca and Buzzfeed told me my spirit animal is a tiger.)

Why a black bear you say, well let me tell you why.

Loves to sleep in? Check. Loves to eat? Check. Boasts frequent fits of hanger? Check!

Ready for the bears!

Once I stepped foot in the zoo, my immediate mission was to see the bears. All the bears. Then I got the map and realized the zoo was HUGE and the bears were far, far away. But that was okay, because there were a bunch of cuties to meet along the way.

My first greeting? A leopard. This little lady was gorgeous. And I didn’t know they allowed people this close to her fence. I also didn’t know these leopards had a buddy system with dogs! They’ve got golden retrievers to help them with their social skills.



Throughout my bear search, I enjoyed meeting (from afar, of course) some zibras, giraffes, hippos and elephants.





Did I mention the zoo has a Skyfari? It’s a tram that graciously transports you over the treetops from one end of the zoo to the other. From up there you can totally spot more furry friends.


When I finally got to the bear section, I realized this zoo didn’t have any black bears. But no tears were shed because the other bears captured my heart just the same.

Look at this cutie pie in all his brown bear glory:



And this little baby! SWOON.


And this Panda, who is literally “mood” for the rest of eternity:



The list of animals here goes on and on. Seriously, this zoo is ginormous and houses over 3,700 animals belonging to more than 650 species and subspecies! Which animals did you or do you look forward to seeing at the San Diego Zoo?


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