Revel in the Saks Fifth Avenue 2017 Holiday Window Starring Snow White

The Christmas countdown has begun! And FlyGirls brought it in the only way we know how: with lights, fireworks, fashion and a touch of Disney. Okay, a whole-lotta Disney!
We attended Saks Fifth Avenue window unavailing on November 20, in NYC and it was pure magic.
The unveiling of the holiday windows is one of those magical New York City experiences to get into the festive spirit. We headed to fifth avenue giddy with excitement and anticipation. This year Saks Fifth Avenue’s window theme is Snow White. 
So it was only right for the princess to make an appearance with the seven dwarfs.
Descendants actress, Sofia Carson, was also in attendance and sung for the crowd. After which Saks store front sparkled in color-changing lights ending with a spectacular firework show, transporting us to Disney World in that instant.
It was beautiful and really set the tone for the magic we were to experience once we saw the windows up close.
Being that the theme was Snow White, brands like Prada, Neem Kahn and more designed amazing ensembles for the occasion. Check out some of the fashion below!
Not only was couture on full display, but so was Snow White’s story!
What made it more fun? There was a hidden Mickey Mouse in every window installment. We admit, we couldn’t find them all. So if you find yourself in New York City during the holiday season, head over to Saks Fifth Avenue enjoy the scene and find the Mickey’s!
Xo, FlyGirls

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