Yes, You Can Live in NYC and Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

This year I was ready to buy my first real Christmas tree. I headed to Emmerich Tree Farm in Warwick, New York in hopes of finding the perfect one. emm.jpg


The farm, owned by Kurt and Karen Emmerich is 8 acres of pure greenery. It’s home to thousands of trees, growing only Spruce, Pine and Firs. I expected to be there for about an hour but ended up making a day of it. I climbed high and low, taking in the views from as many angles as I could.



Kurt and Karen have built a pavilion on the property that offers visitors free hot chocolate. They also have a pretty awesome firepit, cider donut vendors and other Christmas decor and ornaments for sale. The sale associates were super friendly and extremely helpful. One of whom, walked with me for a bit explaining the different types of species of trees and the farms growing process.


After sniffing and feeling many, many branches, I finally settled on a lovely five and a half foot Douglas Fir and chopped it down myself. Meet Mr. Woody, Woodsman:


Aside from providing saws, the farm also provides tree shaking (to get any bugs out of there), tree baling, free tree drilling (if your tree needs a hole for the stand-strait system) and a wagon ride to your car with your tree, which they rope on top of your vehicle. Oh, and they gift you an adorable custom wood burned ornament!



Can’t wait to dress this bad boy up!


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